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Alice @ Wonderland

University of Minnesota Morris


Alice @ Wonderland was created during the Covid-19 Pandemic and filmed entirely with handheld cameras to add a documentary feel to the production. Due to safety precautions much of the film and dialogue was done over the course of several weeks in segmented scenes. Many scenes also included audio overdubs to cover for actors being in quarantine at the time. Film to the left is a small collection of scenes from the full production. 

Alone Together & The Seed

University of Minnesota Morris

Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Region 5, Invited Production


Alone Together & The Seed are a collection of short vignettes exploring the challenges people faced during the begining of the Covid-19 pandemic. Filmed entirely on Zoom, this production explored the ways in which we could use Zoom as an artistic vehicle for theatre. The film to the left is a short selection of scenes from the full production.

Promotional Videos

University of Minnesota Morris

Theatre Tech promo video

Lighting Design Promo video

Stagecraft promo video

Wonderful Wizard of oz promo video

University of Minnesota Morris Fine arts promo video

Julius Caesar Promo video

Alice @ Wonderland Promo Video 

Fashion Trashion

University of Minnesota Morris


This video was put together to showcase the student work in Fashion Trashion, taught by Professor Jess Larson. This video was used during the COVID-19 Pandemic to allow students to safely showcase their work.

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